Vanredna sednica Skupštine akcionara 2014


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Odluka o sazivanju sednice Skupštine akcionara


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Zapisnik sa održane sednice Skupštine akcionara FŽV “Želvoz”

Obelodanjivanje finansijskih izveštaja za 2011. godinu


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Konsolidovani finansijski izveštaj za 2011. gofinu za FŽV Želvoz a.d. u restrukturiranju
Finansijski izveštaj za 2011. gofinu za FŽV Želvoz d.o.o. Zaštitna radionica u restrukturiranju

Odluka o sazivanju I godišnje skupštine

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Želvoz at international fair ‘’Euroasia Rail Show 2012’’

At a large international fair ”Euroasia Rail Show 2012”, held in Istanbul, Turkey from March 8th to 10th 2012, the Serbian wagon building and repair industry, led by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, was represented by the MIN Vagonka-Niš and Želvoz-Smederevo.

Guests of the fair were the highest representatives of the Serbian Railways and a representative from the Privatization Agency. More than 5,000 professional visitors visited 187 exhibitors in the field of railway industry, infrastructure and logistics, housed in two halls in an overall area of 11700m2.

Stand of 20m2 was provided for Želvoz and MIN Vagonka. In three days, that the fair took place our stand was visited by more than 100 visitors.

The great interest was shown by companies from Turkey and Iran, mostly for new freight cars and reconstruction of old wagons. A large number of local representatives expressed a wish to represent us on the territory of Turkey.

As visitors, the fair hosted the most important representatives of local and international authorities and municipalities, as well as members of the private sector. The main national exhibitors were TUVASAS (Turkish Wagon Industry Inc.), TULOMSAS (Turkish Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc.) and TUDEMSAS (Turkish Railway Machines Industry Inc.)

Other exhibitors came from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Spain, England, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA.
Next year, the fair will be held from March 7th to 9th 2013, and thereafter will be organized every two years, so it will be held alternately with one of the largest fairs in the field of railway InnoTrans – Berlin, Germany.

” Šargan Eight”

Želvoz continued to repair and maintain wagons from the train composition “Nostalgia” for the tourist railway track” Šargan Eight” and that way it contributes to the improvement of the railway traffic on this tourist attraction in Serbia.

We remind you that this section of the railway, narrow gauge of 760 mm, was used to link Europe with the Adriatic Sea. Today a part of this railroad, the route from the station Šargan Vitasi to Mokra Gora, is a unique architectural work, and through the widely known ‘’Šargan Eight’’ echoes once again the sound of wagons and cheerful murmur of tourists on the train ”Nostalgia”. From Mokra Gora up to the station Šargan Vitas you will pass through 22 tunnels, over five bridges, overcome the altitude difference of 300 meters, and  all that on an overall distance of 15 440 meters. During your ride you will have the opportunity to see the richness and beauty of nature in this region and Serbia, from five viewpoints.